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General Knowledge :

The students’ awareness of what is going on around them is a part of their personality. One should know WHAT IS WHAT and WHO IS WHO before dreaming of high place in his / her professional world. This page provides such a platform for one to develop one’s General Knowledge. We have created such a huge database which will have comprehensive questions covering all the countries and all the fields of interests. Sports, Cinemas, Education, Politics, Outer World, Ocean, Internet, Computers, Environment, Sciences, Hobbies, Literature, Books, Music…etc… are few of the topics which have large collection of quality questions with accurate answers.

We keep on updating this page day after day and keep on adding more pages day after day so that visitors like you will keep on coming back to these pages to update your General Knowledge. You are also welcome to share your General Knowledge, the questions about which are not here, with us so that we will publish them in this page and such a move will benefit our visitors.

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  1. From which tree are cricket bats tradionally made?
  2. How many players are there in the water polo team?
  3. How much time is allowed to find a lost ball in golf?
  4. The team of which country always leads The Olympic OpeningProcession?
  5. What was the first city in the southern hemisphere to host The Olympic Games?
  6. Which is the longer race – 5000 meters or 3 miles?
  7. Which is the only sport you are not allowed to play left-handed?
  8. Which sport is played on the largest pitch compared to any other game?
  9. Which sport is played with the heaviest ball?
  10. Which sporting event has the largest live attendance in the world?
  11. Which sport uses the most muscles in the body?
  12. Where were the 2002 Coommonwealth Games held?
  13. How many umpires are there in a baseball game?
  14. How high is a baseball hoop from the ground?
  15. How many balls are on the table at the start of a Snooker Game?
  16. What game is played on an area measuring 9 feet by 5 feet?
  17. What is the official diameter of the center circle on a soccer pitch?
  18. How many hurdles are there in 400 meter race?
  19. What is the maximum number of players on court in one basketball team?
  20. How many players make up a rugby league team?
  21. In badminton how high is the center of the net from the ground?
  22. For which Olympics event did Jesse Owens hold a record for 25 years?
  23. How many lanes does an Olympic swimming pool have?
  24. In which sport are competitors required to change lanes after every lap?
  25. How long is the full size snooker table?
  26. What do sumo wrestlers throw into the ring prior to a match?
  27. Which sport uses the lightest ball?
  28. In POLO what is used to hit the ball?
  29. What name is given to the racehorse that has never won a race?
  30. How high is the crossbar on a football goal?
  31. In chess which piece must always stay on the same colour square?
  32. In cricket what is it called if you are out in the first ball?
  33. What is the maximum number of strokes a player needs to make to win a set at tennis?
  34. When you are as great as I am, it is hard to be humble. Who said this?
  35. How many holes are there in a ten pin bowling ball?
  36. How many events and sports were there in the Beijing Olympics?
  37. What is the distance of the marathon race in the Olympics?
  38. The Indian Olympic Association was formed in which year?
  39. In which Olympics did Leander Paes win the bronze medal for the men’s single tennis?
  40. Who has won the maximum number of gold medals at a single Olympic Games?
  41. How often were the ancient Olympic Games held?
  42. Who at the 1984 Olympics won 100m, 200m, the sprint relay and the long jump?
  43. What is the name of the white ball in snooker?
  44. What is the longest running race in the Olympic Games called?
  45. In boxing what do the letters K O stand for?
  46. What are the colors of the five rings seen in the Olympic Games flag symbol?
  47. In which athletic event is a heavy metal ball thrown?
  48. In which sport would you find yourself in a headlock?
  49. What is the another name for the athletics?
  50. How many lanes are there in a standard track?
  51. What are the standard distances of hurdles race for men?
  52. What is the minimum weight for shot of acceptance of a record for men?
  53. What is the minimum weight for shot of acceptance of a record for women?
  54. What is the minimum weight for discuss of acceptance of a record for men?
  55. Name the ten-event-sport that is held on two consecutive days.
  56. Who is the first Indian woman athlete to win a Gold Medal in Asian Games?
  57. How many Olympic Games have been organized till 2014?
  58. Which was the first cricket stadium in India to have flood lights?
  59. Which decelerates faster a badminton shuttlecock or a baseball?
  60. Are Olympic Gold Medals containing more Silver than Gold?
  61. Is the fastest recorded Tennis serve faster than 150 mph?
  62. Is the fastest recorded Tennis serve faster than 241 kph?
  63. What is the length of the each stump in cricket?
  64. Of which country is bull-fighting the National Game?
  65. When was the first French Open Championship organized?
  66. Who was the first person to score a perfect 10 in Olympic-Gymnastics?
  67. What is the National Sport of India?
  68. What is the National Sport of Sri Lanka?
  69. What is the National Sport of Philippines?
  70. What is the National Sport of South Korea?
  71. What is the National Sport of Republic of Korea?
  72. What is the National Sport of Colombia?
  73. What is the National Sport of Chile?
  74. What is the National Sport of Canada?
  75. What is the National Sport of Brazil?
  76. What is the National Sport of Bangladesh?
  77. What is the National Sport of Bahamas?
  78. What is the National Sport of Argentina?
  79. Who is the first woman director in ACADEMY AWARDS to win The Best Director Award?
  80. Who won the best original score in the academy awards 2008?
  81. Name the film set in India to have won the Academy Awards for Picture other than Slumdog Millionaire.
  82. Who is the only Asian so far to win the Academy Award for The Best Sound?
  83. Who is the Indian Tabla Player who won the Grammy Award for Planet Drum in 1992 and Global Drum Project in 2009?
  84. Who is the Indian Sitar Maestro who has won the Grammy Award Thrice?
  85. Who played the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the 1982 movie Gandhi?
  86. Which Indian actress was a member of the jury at the Canes Film Festival in May 2009?
  87. What is meant by Opera?
  88. Which Indian received The Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992 at The Academy Awards?
  89. Who is known as the Father of Indian Cinema?
  90. Which was Indian First Full Length Feature Film?
  91. Which comic book character is nick-named as Guardian of Eastern Dark?
  92. How many classical dance forms are there in India?
  93. Which country is the world-largest producer of Movies?
  94. Which Indian movie has the maximum number of songs - 71?
  95. How many songs are there in the Indian movie Indra Sabha?
  96. Which book on performing arts was written in the 2nd century in Sanskrit?
  97. Who made the first Hindi Rap Album?
  98. Who directed and starred in the movie The Immigrant?
  99. Who directed and starred in the movie The Gold Rush?
  100. Who directed and starred in the movie The Great Dictator?
  101. Which musical instrument is one of the many symbols of Scotland?
  102. Which English animation movie was made based in a book with Indian Characters?
  103. Who wrote the famous book The Jungle Book?
  104. Who is referred as The King of Pop?
  105. SNOWY is the name of a well known dog character in which world famous comic series?
  106. The fictional comic book hero SPIDERMAN was created by which duo?
  107. Clark Kent is the secret identity of which super hero?
  108. Who created the famous comic strip hero Mandrake The Magician?
  109. Who authored the famous Lord of The Rings trilogy?
  110. Ludwig Van is the first name of which world famous composer?
  111. What was the full name of world famous composer Mozart?
  112. Who directed and edited the movie The Seven Samurai?
  113. What is the name of the main character in the Walt Disney movie The Lion King?
  114. What does the word Hakuna Matata in the film The Lion King mean?
  115. What is the first full length animated film of Walt Disney?
  116. What is the Disney film in which the entire family is endowed with super powers?
  117. On which book was the movie Slumdog Millionaire based?
  118. How many awards did the movie Slumdog Millionaire garner at the Academy Awards?
  119. Of what rank is the fictional character James Bond written by Ian Flemming?
  120. Who was the first to play the fictional character James Bond in the movie series?
  121. On which historic incident is the English movie Pearl Harbour based?
  122. Who holds the record of most nominations at the Academy Awards?
  123. What is the name of the character played by Brad Pitt in 2004 blockbuster TROY?
  124. What was the original name of Mickey Mouse?
  125. Who performs the character in and as Mr. Bean?
  126. Which country in the world had the most number of theatres over 65000?
  127. Which Indian musician was awarded GRAMMY for the best world music album?
  128. Who was the Discovery Channel Star and Naturalist known as The Crocodile Hunter was killed by a stingray during filming?
  129. Which was the first private satellite TV in India?
  130. What is the cinema complex with more than 16 screens called?
  131. Which one is rated as the largest film studio in the world?
  132. What does the acronym TRP in small screen industry refer to?
  133. What is a large piece of music written for an orchestra called?
  134. What musical instrument do Tympanists play?
  135. In what category of music instruments, the sound is produced by the vibration of the instrument itself?
  136. How is a dramatist who writes plays called?
  137. Which musician was employed as a concert master at the very young age of 13?
  138. Which was the world’s most expensive movie at the cost of USD $ 100 million leased in 1967 which will now add up to more than USD $ 500 million after inflation?
  139. Which Indian Actor was honoured with Chevalier Award by The French Government?
  140. What is the most viewed Indian mythological serial telecast in 17 countries of all five continents at different times?
  141. Which world famous artist had the capacity of writing with one hand and painting with another hand simultaneously?
  142. What is the art of beautiful handwriting called?
  143. In which French City is the International Film festival held every year?
  144. What is the longest play of William Shakespeare?
  145. Who was the first Indian woman director to win the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival?
  146. What is the highest award to win at the Venice Film Festival?
  147. Which was the first full length movie wholly designed on computers?
  148. Who painted the world famous painting of Mona Lisa?
  149. Which was the first film to be digitally colored for the rerelease in theatres?
  150. Who painted the world famous painting of The Last Supper?
  151. Which was the first film of the James Bond series?
  152. What is the art and practice of drawing maps called?
  153. Who won the most number of 26 Academy Awards from 64 nominations?
  154. Whose art works has been stolen more than any other works?
  155. Where is a fresco painted?
  156. What is the English equivalent of Nom de Plume?
  157. Who wrote the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep?
  158. Name the 6 feet Tyrannosaurus Rex who starred in a children TV show .
  159. What does the word Mediterranean mean?
  160. Which ocean washes upon Southern Asia?
  161. Which ocean separates Africa and Australia?
  162. Which ocean separates Asia and Australia?
  163. Which is the world’s largest ocean?
  164. What is the other name of the Antarctica Ocean?
  165. Which ocean encircles Antarctica and covers much of Antarctic?
  166. Which ocean separates the Americas from Eurasia and Africa?
  167. Which sea is one of the four seas named after Common Colour Terms?
  168. Which one is the smallest ocean?
  169. Which one is the shallowest ocean?
  170. Which ocean surrounds the North Pole?
  171. Which ocean lies within Arctic Circles?

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