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Get Feedback :

After every presentation, you should always get feedback about how it went. If you have a friend or two in the audience, be sure to quiz them after-ward.

Try to ask specific questions.

Was I loud enough?

Was I clear in my presentation?

Did I beat around the bush?

Did I go too fast?

Were the visuals okay?

Finally, take the opportunity to ask, "What one thing could I improve on the next time I give a talk?"

Thus, each presentation you give offers you a chance to become a better speaker for the next.

To continue the section on Giving Oral Presentations,

1. Size up the situation.

2. Write out a rough draft of your talk.

3. Outline your talk from your draft - start planning your visuals.

4. Decide on props and visuals.

5. Practice.

6. Deliver the talk.

7. Answer Questions Carefully.

8. Get feedback.

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