God Help Those Who Help Themselves.

God Help Those Who Help Themselves. :

Once…. a man was drowning. He was faithful devotee of god. He always believed that god will help him in times of trouble. When drowning, he found a branch of a tree on the bank nearly sticking out touching the water. He could have caught hold of it and saved himself from drowning. But he did not do so thinking that god would miraculously lift him out of water. Then he found a log floating nearby. He could have caught hold of it and kept himself afloat. But he did not do so. A little while later, a man with a boat came to him and asked him to get into the boat. But the drowning man refused the offer saying that god would help him. When the soul of the drowned man met god in heaven it complained to god that in spite of his being a firm believer in god, he did not help him. Them god smilingly asked the soul. “Who said I didn’t help you? I tried to help you thrice by offering you the branch, the log and the boat. But you foolishly refused it all. What else could I do than let you drown?" People usually believe that if they pray to god everything will be given to them. That is not entirely true. It is foolish to believe so because god will help only those who are willing to help themselves. In other words, we should put in our own effort I order to help ourselves if we get into a dangerous situation and do nothing believing that god will miraculously get us out of it, we are bound to be frustrated. The expected miraculous help may never come. In fact miracles rarely happen.

God Help Those Who Help Themselves.