God of Kanhayya

God of Kanhayya :

Kanhayya was poor but a generous man. Once he invited three of his friends for lunch. But there was nothing left in his house to cook. So he went out for the arrangement of food.

Sometime later, his friends reached his house. They spotted a grinding stone in his house with a floral necklace placed on it. When they enquired about that, Kanhayya's wife said, "It's your friend's God. He offers him prayers by beating the guests with it."

They heard this and ran out. On the way, Kanhayya saw them running off. He asked his wife as to what had happened. She said, "They asked for the grinding stone. I refused to give it to them so they went away in anger."

Kanhayya picked it up and ran after them to give it to them. When his friends saw him coming with grinding stone, they remembered his wife's words. So they ran very fast and disappeared. From that day no one went to his house for lunch and his wife breathed a sigh of relief.

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