Going to The Park

Going to The Park :

This is a story of three friends Frank, Francis and Frederick. All of them used to go to school and play in the evening.

As the winter holidays started, they decided that they would regularly go to the park and play different types of games. Some times they exchanged jokes with one another. Whereas Francis and Frederick were naughty and talkative and Franck was a quite sensible soft-hearted boy.

One day, they went to the park to play cricket. All of them were in a very joyous mood and were exchanging jokes and laughing loudly. There was greenery all around in the park. Flowers were in full bloom. A Cool breeze was blowing.

The weather was so pleasant that everyone loves to play in the park. Mrs. Natalia, a dentist in their colony, had also come to the park with her little baby in the buggy. The baby was looking very cute. As the boys reached the entrance to the park, Frank asked Francis where they should play cricket.

In fact, the three friends were trying to find a peaceful area where they could play without any disturbance. The boundary – wall of the park was made up of iron-grills. Every person and his / her activity in and around the park could be thus observed.

As the boys were about to enter the park, they saw Mrs. Natalia with her baby coming out of the park.

The park-gate was too narrow for two persons to pass against each other.

“Hello! Boys!” wished Mrs. Natalia. But the boys did not listen to her since they were busy in their own discussions.

Naughty as Francis and Frederick were, they pushed their way through the gate. They did not take care of Mrs. Natalia and her baby who were coming out of the gate. While entering the gate, they gave the buggy a hard push.

The boys did not realize the mistake they had made. After crossing the gate, they went inside the park. Frank who was also standing at the entrance was observing their manners.

Mrs. Natalia was very much shocked at their rude behavior. She felt very bad. “These children have no manners,” thought Mrs. Natalia, “They are at least bothered about their elders and young infants.”

Then, Mrs. Natalia asked Frank to cross the gate first. But Frank was a good child. He had good manners.

He said to Mrs. Natalia, “Please go first. I shall step in later.” Mrs. Natalia was deeply impressed with his reply. She gently smiled and passed through.

Mrs. Natalia was very much happy with Frank. When she came out of the park, she said to Frank, “You are very sensible. You are not like your other friends. You have good manners. You are a caring child.”

Saying goodbye to Frank, she was on her way to Home.

Frank was slightly late for the play. He rushed to his friends who were waiting for him to join inside.

It mattered little that Francis and Frederick had entered the park a few seconds earlier. Would it not have been appropriate if they had given way to Mrs. Natalia and her baby?

MORAL : We should respect elders and let them have things first. It shows that we have refined manners.

Going to The Park

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