Gold for Rahman

Gold for Rahman :

Once, Rahman was sitting outside his hut on a hill watching the beautiful sun set. Just then, he saw something shining at a distance. He exclaimed, "Oh, it's a shiny house. It must be made of gold."

So Rahman rushed towards the golden house. He wanted to reach it as soon as possible. But when he reached the spot, there was no golden house. There was an old hut. The sun's rays had given its walls a golden glow. So Rahman turned to go back up the hill. He looked up and saw a golden house at the top. He shouted, "There is a golden house up there too!"

So he climbed up the hill quickly. He reached the hill to find that golden house to be his own hut. He had thrown some glass pieces on the roof. The glass pieces were catching the sun’s rays and shining. Then Rahman smiled to himself and said, "Oh, it is not gold either. Anyway now I've learnt that all that glitters is not gold."

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