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  1. Talk less.
    Hear what others say but do what is right.
    Do not waste your time.
    Be punctual to the minute.
    Be as simple as the poor.
    Account for every pie spent by you.
    Prayer should be a regular habit.
    Do physical exercise.
    Eat less.
    Write diary daily.
    The heart is greater than the intellect.
    (Mahatma Gandhi)

  2. See issues as challenges rather than problems.

    See people as collaborators instead of competitors especially family members and friends.

    Look at issues instead of people.

    Look at what is being said instead of who is saying it.

    Reduce expectations.

    The less we expect the more we get.

    Empathize with others rather than expect sympathy.

    Be proactive rather than reactive.

    Even if someone says something nasty or rude to you, it does you no harm until you internalize the comment.

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

  3. To promote peace and happiness in the home the following rules may be borne in mind.

    We must expect to be crossed and disappointed every day.

    It is well therefore to be prepared for it.

    No one is perfect. Therefore do not expect too much.

    Study everyone's temper that you may understand and make allowances for them.

    If sorrow comes on anyone, sympathise. If good rejoice.

    If you are irritable, do not be in a hurry to speak.

    If you are angry, do nothing in haste.

    Do your best to make others happy.

    Take a cheerful view of life.

    Treat your elders with respect and speak gently to the young.

    Speak kindly to servants.

    Praise before others and find fault alone.

    Praise when you can and blame only when you must.

    A soft answer often turn away wrath.

    If justly angry, remember that you yourself have sometimes been in the wrong.

    In all pleasures put others first.

    Try to bring others forward and not to exalt yourself.

    Attribute good motives to others whenever you can.

  4. Three things to be respected are : mother, father & teacher

    Three things to be taken care of are : wife, wealth & wisdom

    Three things never to be forgotten are : debt, duty & disease

    Three things to be kept in control are : greed, sex & tongue

    Three things to avoid for happiness are : anger, hatred & jealously

    Three things to avoid are : bad company, selfishness & hypocrisy.

    Three things to the path of prosperity are : god, education & hard work

    Three things that do not wait are : time, death & customer

    Three signs of maturity are : forgive, forget & befriend

    Three things that do not come back are : arrow from the bow, word from tongue & life from body.

    Three wrongs that to be avoided are : wrong eating, wrong living & wrong

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