Good Manners

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Veera helps his father at the shop.

He brings milk from the diary.

Radha helps her mother in the kitchen.

We should put bits of paper in the dust-bins only.

Radha waters the plants.

You must also look at the traffic signals.

Veera posts a letter for his father.

This way all are helping each other in various ways.

We must take a bath every day.

A daily bath keeps our skin clean.

We must keep our nails clean.

We must not ever bite our nails.

We should pare them.

We should use a nail-cutter.

We must wash our hands before and after every meals.

Take food regularly at the proper meal-times.

Eat only fresh and covered food.

Eat slowly and chew your food well.

We should exercise everyday in order to keep our body healthy.

We should maintain honesty and rectitude.

Wash your hands clean before eating.

We have to clean our house at least once in a week.

Always respect your parents, teachers and elders.

Greet your parents, teachers and elders whenever you see them.

When you greet them in the morning,
say, “Good Morning."

When you greet them in the afternoon,
say, “Good Afternoon."

When you greet them in the evening,
say, “Good Evening."

When you greet them in the night,
say, “Good Night."

When anyone helps you,
say, “Thank you."

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