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Government Vocabulary for 19th September :

  1. Revert (v): turn back, go or send back to a former position

  2. Revet (v): strengthen by putting up additional wall etc

  3. Revetment (n): a retaining wall

  4. Review (n): revisal, a criticism, inspection

  5. Review (v): view over again, criticize

  6. Revise (v): to read several times to make corrections, reconsider

  7. Revival (n): re-animation, awakening

  8. Revive (v): bring to life, grow again

  9. Revoke (v): repeal, annul

  10. Revolt (n): a rebellion

  11. Revolt (v): rebel

  12. Revolution (n): mutiny, rebelliorriot, rotation

  13. Revolutionary (adj.): rebellious, involving violent change

  14. Revolutionize (v): change thoroughly

  15. Revolve (v): roll, rotate, turn

  16. Revolver (n): gun with a revolving, mechanism

  17. Revulsion (n): a sudden separation, a violent change of feeling

  18. Reward (v): recompense for service or merit

  19. Reward (n): repayment

  20. Rewrite (v): write again

  21. Rhetoric (n): art of speaking or writing with good effect

  22. Rheumatism (n): a painful inflammation in the joints and muscles

  23. Rhinoceros (n): a large and powerful animal with one or to stout, conical median horns on the snout

  24. Rhomb (n): a quadrilateral with the four sides equal and its diagonals intersecting each other at right angles

  25. Rhyme (n): a verse with accordant sounds at the end of the lines, a short poem

  26. Rhythm (n): periodical accents

  27. Ribald (adj.): vulgar

  28. Riband (n): fillet, strip

  29. Ribbon (n): fillet, strip

  30. Riband (v): adorn with ribbons

  31. Ribbon (v): adorn with ribbons

  32. Rice (n): an esculent or edible cereal grain

  33. Rich (adj.): wealthy, abundant

  34. Rich (n): the rich, wealthy people

  35. Riches (n): wealth

  36. Rick (n): a pile of hay or straw

  37. Rickets (n): children’s disease affecting the bones

  38. Rickety (adj.): feeble, week escape, in joints

  39. Rickshaw (n): a two-wheeled vehicle pulled by man

  40. Rid (v): clear away, free

  41. Riddance (n): clearing away

  42. Riddle (n); a puzzle, a sifter

  43. Ride (v): be borne or carried (on horse-back in vehicle, etc. a journey in a vehicle or on the back on an animal)

  44. Ridge (n): raised line where two sloping surfaces meet

  45. Ridge (v): form in to ridges

Government Vocabulary for 19th September :

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