Grasp All And You Lose All.

Grasp All And You Lose All. :

One who tries to grab many things at a time will lose even what he already has. One should be ambitious to succeed in life. But it should not become greed. In fact, being ambitious and being greedy are entirely different things. Ambition brings success in life while greed culminates in loss. Being greedy you fail to hold on to even what you have. There is the story of a poor woodcutter who had lost his old axe in the river while cutting wood. The goddess of the river came up and showed him three axes made of gold, silver and iron. The axe made of iron was in fact the wood cutter’s own. She asked man wanted to have all the three axes. So he replied that all the three axes were his and that he had lost them one by one while cutting wood. The river godless knew that only the iron axe belonged to the wood cutter. She knew that he was lying and she vanished without giving him any of the axes. Similarly, if we embark on a lot of enterprises at the same time, we may not be able to concentrate on any of them and consequently fail in all those ventures. It is always better to do one thing at a time.

Grasp All And You Lose All.