Handsome Is As Handsome Does.

Handsome Is As Handsome Does. :

A person may be good looking. He impresses others by his personality. Others might find him handsome. But once they get to know him, they may find many faults in his character and their first impression about him gets tarnished. They may even start to hate him because of the flaws in his character. His personality which impressed others at first cannot influence them anymore. It turns into scorn and hatred in due course. On the other hand we may consider the case of an ugly person. If his character happens to be attractive and good, others will like him. They will try to mingle with him more and more. Their attitude will in due course turn to one of love, affection and even adoration. This proves that a person’s attraction does not depend on his external appearance. Instead it is based on his inner quality and ability. In other words, a person can be called really handsome only if he happens to be good and attractive in his character instead of being attractive and fine looking externally.

Handsome Is As Handsome Does.