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He Who Cannot Obey Cannot Command.

He Who Cannot Obey Cannot Command. :

Obeying and commanding are two different things at first glance. But there is a solid connection between the two. In all fields of life, there are superiors who command and subordinates who obey. To obey a command you need strict discipline of character. In the army and police force, subordinates are bound to obey orders without questioning. Even if an order is unjust or illogical, the subordinates are bound to obey only. When one learns to obey, he will naturally get accustomed to ordering. He knows how an order is issued by experiencing it personally. As the saying goes learning is experiencing. If a person who is familiar with issuing orders is asked to perform it, he finds no difficulty to do it. He knows how it is to be obeyed. He knows what is to be expected from an order and what to expect from a subordinate. Such a man will certainly make a good boss. When a man who has been a good subordinate becomes a good boss. Those people who come under him will find it smooth and easy to get along with him.

He Who Cannot Obey Cannot Command.


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