He Who Plays The Piper Calls The Tune.

He Who Plays The Piper Calls The Tune. :

In olden days, there were pipers who used to play the pipe for money. They pipe is a musical instrument which produces pleasant notes. People used to pay the pipers they liked. There were many popular tunes which people often wanted to play their choice. It was the people who ordered them to play those particular tunes they liked. Besides selecting the tunes, they could also make the piper play as long as they liked. In our day to day life also, those who contribute money for any enterprise have the final say in the matter. Others accept them because those are the ones who invested the money. Rich men pay generously to political parties in times of election. They make big contributions to meet the expenses of election campaign. And when those parties come to power, those who have contributed generously automatically influence the government.

He Who Plays The Piper Calls The Tune.