He leaves The Nest.

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He leaves The Nest :

He leaves The Nest

He leaves the nest,

And flaps his wings,

And stops and struts,

And bit by bit,

He makes his way

To top of tree :


His neck up,

His tail up,

His foot up,

His comb up,

The cock lifts

His voice up,




(Translated from Sanskrit by John Brough)

About The Author :

This is a poem about a cock leaving its nest. The poem is old and was originally written in Sanskrit. We do not w who wrote it. The translation is by John Brough. Translating a poem from one language into another is often very difficult. The translator has to look carefully at the metre (the number of syllables), the rhyme, the length of each line and, above all, the meaning.

Notice how the subject (the cock) is revealed only at the end of the poem.

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