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High School Vocabulary for 22nd October :

  1. Speech (n) : power of manner of speaking, a public address, oration

  2. Speed (n) : rapidity of movement

  3. Speed (v) : to move along quickly

  4. Speedy (adj.) : quick, rapid, prompt

  5. Spell (v) : to give the letters which form word

  6. Spellbound (adj.) : fascinated

  7. Spelt (n) : a kind of wheat

  8. Spend (v) : pay out for a purchase, to use up, to pass time

  9. Spendthrift (n) : one who spends money wastefully

  10. Sphere (n) : globe, circuit, province, duty, rank of society

  11. Spice (n) : sweet-smelling pungent, vegetable substance used to flavour food

  12. Spice (v) : to flavour

  13. Spider (n) : a creature with eight legs

  14. Spike (n) : ear of corn, large nail, small pointed iron

  15. Spikenard (n) : a plant yielding a sweet-smelling oil

  16. Spill (v) : allow to fall run out, waste

  17. Spin (v) : draw out and twist into threads, turn round quickly

  18. Spinal (adj.) : relating to the backbone

  19. Spindle (n) : a rotating rod or shaft used to wind thread when spinning

  20. Spine (n) : back bone, the sharp needle-like parts to some plants courage

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