History Repeats Itself.

History Repeats Itself. :

History is the record of events that happened in the past. Every country or nation has its own history. And the world itself has its history. If we analyze closely all those historical events have something in common whether it is war, peace, progress or revolution, they all have some common characteristics. They have a general tendency to repeat themselves. For example, we may consider the terrible wars of recent past. But on close analysis, all of them had started from some trivial incident. Such common factors in turn make history repeat itself. Revolutions are further examples. Revolutions have always been the part and parcel of misrule. Discontent among people has always culminated in riots and finally in revolution. These revolutions and wars are important aspect of history. In fact, they really make history. But at the same time, they are all repetitions of what had happened earlier. Thcydides, the Greek historian is said to be the originator of this saying although not in the present form. In one of his books, he says that, his record of events will be useful to the world as history has a tendency to repeat itself.

History Repeats Itself.