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Dammed: Hold back or obstruct to prevent water from flowing


1. (Informal) used to emphasis one’s anger or frustration

2. Cursed

Days: Two or more days

Daze: Make unable to think react properly, a state of stunned confusion

Dew: Tiny drops of water that form on cool surfaces at night when atmospheric vapor condenses


1. Expected at, planned for or required by a certain time

2. Proper, appropriate

3. fees (Dues)


1. Careful or prudent in speech or actions, especially in order to avoid giving offense or attracting attention

2. Unobtrusive

Discrete: Individually separate or distinct


1. A female deer

2. A female hare, rabbit, rat, ferret or kangaroo


1. A thick malleable mixture of flour and liquid(water or milk) for basking into bread or pastry

2. (Informal) Money

Doc: The short form of the word Doctor, a physician


1. An enclosed area of water in a port for the loading, unloading and repair of ships

2. To come or bring (a ship) into a dock

3. The enclosure in a criminal court where the defendant stand sits

4. Deduct(money or point in a score)

5. Cut short(an animal’s tail)


1. A preliminary version of a piece of writing, a plan or sketch

2. A written order to pay a specified amount

3. (the draft) Compulsory recruitment for military service(USA)


1. A current of cool air in a room of in a confined place

2. A single act of drinking or inhaling

3. Denoting beer served from a cask rather than from a bottle or a can

4. Denoting an animal for pulling heavy loads

Dual: Consisting of two parts, elements or aspects


1. (Historical) A pre-arranged contest with deadly weapons between two persons to settle a point of honor

2. (Modern) A contest between two parties

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