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1. Avoiding work, lazy

2. (Of money) Held in cash or in an account paying no interest

3. Having no purpose or basis (idle boast/ threat)


1. An image or representation of a god used as an object of worship

2. Something or someone that is adulated(A sports idol)


1. A period or situation that is blissful

2. A picturesque scene or incident described in short in verse or prose


1. Something that is enclosed or surrounded

2. Referring to a period of time during which an incident took place

3. Expressing the condition of inclusion or involvement

Inn: A hotel or public house, traditionally also providing food and lodging

Inc: The short form or abbreviation for incorporated

Ink: A colored fluid that is used for writing, drawing or printing

Incite: To encourage or stir up (behavior that is violent and unlawful)


1. The ability or capacity to gain an accurate, deep and intuitive understanding of something

2. An understanding of the above kind

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