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Lacks: A thing that does not have or is devoid of


1. relaxed (of muscles)

2. Not sufficient strict, severe(in discipline) or careful

Lessen: To reduce or bring down in number

Lesson: A thing that learnt, a period of learning or teaching

Liar: A person who tells lies or falsehoods

Lyre: A stringed instrument, used especially in ancient Greece


1. A fungus that grows on rocks, walls and trees

2. A skin disease in which small, round, hard lesions occur close together

Liken: To compare (to something)

Lightening: To reduce the weight of something

Lightning: A brief, natural, high-voltage electrical discharge between a cloud and the ground or within a cloud accompanied by a bright flash and often with thunder also


1. heavy or bulky thing that is being carried

2. A weight or source of pressure

3. The amount of work that is to be done by a person or by a machine

Lode: A vein of metal ore in the earth


1. A thing or an amount that is borrowed, particularly a sum that is supposed to be paid back with interest

2. The act of lending

Lone: By itself, the only one or being along with out any company of other person

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