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Fill in the blanks with appropriate Homophones.

  1. There is a very big desert in Africa. (Desert / dessert)

  2. At the end of annual examination we have vacation.(vacation / vocation)

  3. Most of the year Tamilnadu faces draught. (draft / draught).

  4. In many houses there are vales. (vales / veils)

  5. We must accept our faults. (accept / expect)

  6. My house is farther. (farther / further)

  7. My mother is a woman of human (human / humane) qualities.

  8. I reserved a berth (birth / berth) in the train.

  9. I lighted camphor at the altar (alter / altar) of the God.

  10. The Prime Minister tried to check (check / cheque) the corruption in the society.

  11. She ignored my wise council (council / counsel)

  12. I paid the freight (fright / freight) charges at the office counter.

  13. She has a pain in the heel. (heal / heel)

  14. She is an heir (hair / heir) to her uncle’s property.

  15. He was put in the gaol. (goal / gaol)

  16. I spent a quiet (quite / quiet) evening at home.

  17. India’s industrial (industrial / industrious) development has been remarkable.

  18. The little boy is as quiet as a lamb.(lamb / lambs)

  19. The essays are written in a lighter vein. (vain / vein)

  20. Durga held on to the reins. (rains / reins) while riding the horse.

  21. The council (Counsel / council) of Ministers met on Saturday.

  22. The cool (cold / cool) breeze refreshed me.

  23. Advise (advice / advise) me on what I should do.

  24. Don’t be childish (childish / childlike) you are thirty years old.

  25. Man and woman complement (complement / compliment) each other.

  26. My teacher used to quote (coat / quote) eminent poets.

  27. Latha fell a prey (prey / pray) to her friend’s trick.

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