How Cats Became Pets?

How Cats Became Pets? :

Long before today the cat lived in the jungle. She always wanted to be friends with the strongest animal. Once she observed that everyone feared the lion so she became the lion's friend.

One day, as they were sun bathing, an elephant passed by. All the animals including the lion cleared the way to let the elephant pass. The cat thought that the elephant was stronger than the lion. So she became the elephant's friend. One day as the cat and the elephant were at the lake, the elephant trumpeted, "There are hunters here!" and he ran away. So now the cat left the elephant and went to the city to live with the hunter thinking that the hunter was stronger. In the city, the hunter took him home. His wife shouted at him, "Ha! You could not kill a lion but why have you brought this useless cat here?"

Suddenly a mouse passed nearby and the woman screamed. The cat ran and caught the mouse. The woman was happy to get rid of the mouse. So she kept the cat as a pet in her house.

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