How Does A Camera Work?

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How Does A Camera Work?

All of us are familiar with the mechanism and working of a camera. It is a device to take photographs and is very simple to operate. It has a lens and a shutter. When the lever is pressed the shutter opens and light enters the inside of the camera and the images, which are visible through the lens, are impressed on the photographic film inside. Let us make a model camera.

Things Required : A sheet of thick cardboard, tracing paper, a round magnif/ying glass with a handle, cutting board, adhesive tape, card, pencil, scissors and steel rule.

Experiment : From the thick cardboard cut out a rectangle and role it to make a cylinder. Its circumference should be same as that of magnifying glass and it should be 12 inches long. Fix the magnifying glass into the bottom of the cylinder using the tape. Now cut another rectangle of 14 x 25 inches. Fold the rectangle so as to make a box. Glue one inch flap to the edge with a piece of tape. Cut a one inch slot at one end of the box and another across the opposite side of the box. Insert a tracing paper through the slot. The tracing paper should be as wide as the box and it should be fixed to the outer side of the box with the help of the tape.

Next, make a cover for the opposite end of the box. And cut out a circle, which should be a little bigger than the cylinder in which the lens is fixed.

Fix the cylinder inside the circle in the box.

The camera is ready. Now look through the square slot and move the lens. The movement of the lens will focus the images on the paper screen. Avoid looking at the sun with your model camera.

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