How The Little Kite Learned To Fly?

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How The Little Kite Learned To Fly?

"I never can do it," the little kite said,

As he looked at the others high over his head.

"I know I should fall if I tried to fly."

"Try," said the big kite, only try!

Or I fear you never will learn at all."

But the little kite said : "I'm afraid I'll fall."

The big kite nodded : "Ah, well, good-by;

I am off." And he rose toward the tranquil sky.

Then the little kite's paper stirred at the sight.

And trembling he shook himself free for flight.

First whirling and frightened, then braver grown,

Up, up he rose through the air alone,

Till the big kite looking down could see

The little one rising steadily.

Then how the little kite thrilled with pride,

As he sailed with the big kite side by side!

While far below he could see the ground,

And the boys like small spots moving round.

They rested high in the quiet air,

And only the birds and clouds were there.

"Oh, how happy I am,'.' the little kite cried.

"And all because I was brave and tried."

By Katherine Pyle

About The Poet :

Katherine Pyle was born in Wilmington November 22, 1863, the youngest of four children. Her parents, William and Margaret Pyle, were of old Wilmington Quaker families and kept a warm and creative home-life for their children. In 1879, while a 16-year-old student at Wilmington's Misses Hebb's School, her poem "The Piping Shepherd" was published in Atlantic Monthly. During her career she wrote and illustrated about thirty books and illustrated a number of books by other authors, including Anna Sewell's Black Beauty in 1923. In 1924 her serialized article "The Story of Delaware" appeared in the Wilmington newspaper, the Sunday Morning Star. Many of her stories were drawn from fairy tales, ancient myths, nursery rhymes, and stories about animals. Katharine Pyle died February 19, 1938 at her residence at 804 North Franklin St., Wilmington.

Words to Know :

Tranquil : quiet

Stirred : moved

Trembling : shaking

Whirling : moving quickly round and round

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