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How to Build Vocabulary on 27th March? :

  1. Dreadful (adj.) : terrible, trouble-some, fearful

  2. Dreadnought (n) : a powerful type of battle ship

  3. Dream (n) : fancy, hallucination, vision in sleep

  4. Dreamy (adv.) : fanciful, vague, imaginative, dream like

  5. Dreary (adj.) : dismal, cheerless, dull

  6. Dredge (n) : an apparatus for bringing up oysters, fish, mud etc., from the bottom of the sea or river

  7. Dregs (n) : refuse, sediment, worthless part

  8. Drench (v) : make to drink, force to take medicine, wet wholly, soak

  9. Dress (n) : clothes, garments, array

  10. Dress (v) : put on clothes, treat(wound) with remedies

  11. Dribble (v) : drip, let flow in drops, to kick the ball forward little by little

  12. Drill (n) : an instrument for making holes, exercise, a row of plants

  13. Drill (v) : to make holes exercise

  14. Drink (n) : any liquid to be drunk, an intoxicating liquor

  15. Drink (v) : to swallow a liquid

  16. Drinkable (adj.) : fit to be drunk

  17. Drip (v) : trickle, ooze, let fall, allow to fall in drops

  18. Drive (v) : compel, urge, ride

  19. Driveller (n) : an idiot, simpleton

  20. Driver (n) : one who drives, a wooden headed golf cub

  21. Drizzle (n) : dense drops of fine rain

  22. Droll (adj.) : strange, funny

  23. Dromedary (n) : one-humped Arabian camel

  24. Droop (v) : to hang down, to faint, lost heart

  25. Drop (n) : a small spherical portion of liquid, a trap, a fall

  26. Dropsy (n) : collection of waste water in the body, a swollen condition

  27. Dross (n) : the scum thrown off from metals in melting in melting

  28. Drought (n) : dryness, want of rain, thirst, scarcity

  29. Drove (n) : broad, chisel

  30. Drown (v) : suffer death by being immersed or suffocated under-water

  31. Drowse (v) : doze, be sluggish

  32. Drowse (n) : half asleep state

  33. Drub (v) : beat in fight, thrash

  34. Drudge (n) : a slave, hard working servant

  35. Drudgery (n) : over work, uninteresting work

  36. Drug (n) : a simple chemical substance used in medicine

  37. Druggist (n) : dealer in medicine

  38. Drum (n) : a musical instrument

  39. Drum (n) : the inner part or tympanum of the car

  40. Drum (n) : a cylindrical barrel

How to Build Vocabulary on 27th March? :

English Vocabulary Index

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