How to Improve English Vocabulary?

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How to Improve English Vocabulary on 29th March? :

  1. Dumpty (adj.) : stout, short and thick

  2. Dun (adj.) : brown, dark

  3. Dunce (n) : bad learner

  4. Dune (n) : a hill of loose sand near the sea-coast

  5. Dung (n) : manure, excreta of animals

  6. Dungaree (n) : a coarse calico

  7. Dupe (n) : one easily cheated

  8. Dupe (v) : cheat

  9. Duplicate (n) : copy, counterpart, replica

  10. Duplicate (adj.) : two fold

  11. Duplicity (n) : double-dealing cheating deceit

  12. Durable (adj.) : long lasting

  13. Duration (adj.) : length of time a thing lasts, period

  14. During (prep) : for the space of, in the time of throughout

  15. Durra (n) : a kind of corn

  16. Dusk (n) : twilight, night fall

  17. Dust (n) : fine particles of earth or sand, anything in the form of powder

  18. Dutiful (adj.) : obedient, faithful, service-minded

  19. Duty (n) : what one is bound to do, service, tax, moral or legal obligation

  20. Dux (n) : a leader, top student in a school or class

  21. Dwarf (n) : a person or plant below the common sixe

  22. Dwell (v) : live in, to pause, fix attention, write or speak at length

  23. Dwelling (n) : a place of residence house

  24. Dwindle (v) : become smaller, grow feeble

  25. Dye (v) : to colour, tinge

  26. Dyeing (n) : work of giving colour

  27. Dynamic (adj.) : active, powerful, mechanical

  28. Dynamite (n) : a very powerful explosive substance

  29. Dynamo (n) : a device for producing current or electricity

  30. Dynasty (n) : a line or rulers of the same family, a line of kings

  31. Dysentery (n) : excretion of bowels with mucus or blood

  32. Dyspepsia (n) : indigestion

How to Improve English Vocabulary on 29th March? :

English Vocabulary Index

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