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How to Read English Words for 29th June? :

  1. Magnetise (v): to influence, to attract, give magnetic properties to

  2. Magnetism (n): magnetic properties

  3. Magnetize (z): give the property of a magnet to, make into a magnet, attract

  4. Magneto (n): an electrical apparatus for producing electrical sparks that work at the engine

  5. Magnificent (adj.) : splendid, remarkable, noble

  6. Magnify (v) : make great, enlarge

  7. Magnitude (n): size, greatness, importance

  8. Mahout (n): elephant driver

  9. Maid (n) : a young girl, female, unmarried woman, servant

  10. Maiden (n) : an unmarried, woman

  11. Maiden (adj.) : pure, unused, first

  12. Mail (n) : armour post

  13. Mail (v) : protect with armour, send by post

  14. Maim (v): injure, disable

  15. Main (adj.): chief

  16. Main (n): the chief part, power

  17. Mainland (n) : a continent

  18. Mainspring (n) : chief cause

  19. Mainstay (n) : the main rope securing a mast or post, support chiefly relied on

  20. Maintain (v) : support, to keep in good working order, to continue

  21. Maisonette (n) : small house, part of a house let separately

  22. Maize (n): corn

  23. Majestic (adj.) : grand, imposing

  24. Majesty (n) : grandeur, royalty, title

  25. Majority (n) : the large number, age of major, a major’s rank

  26. Making (n): process of formation

  27. Maladministration (n) : a bad government or administration

  28. Maladroit (adj.) : clumsy, bungling

  29. Malady (n) : disease, illness

  30. Malaria (n) : a kind of intermittent fever with shivering

  31. Malaise (n): a feeling of sickness

  32. Malcontent (n): discontented and rebellious person

  33. Male (adj.): belonging to the sex that impregnates or begets

  34. Male (n) : a person or animal that begets or impregnates

  35. Malediction (n) : denunciation

  36. Malefactor (n): an evildoer, a criminal

  37. Malevolent (adj.): having ill-will, washing ill

  38. Malformation (n) : faulty formation

  39. Malice (n) : ill will

  40. Malicious (adj.): spiteful

  41. Malign (v): slander, abuse

  42. Malignancy (n): extreme malevolence, cancerous condition

How to Read English Words for 29th June?

English Vocabulary Index

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