How to Remember English Words?

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How to Remember English Words for 1st July? :

  1. Manifest (adj.): obvious

  2. Manifest (v) : to show plainly

  3. Manifest (n) : list of ship’s cargo

  4. Manifesto (n): a public declaration

  5. Manifold (adj.): many, diverse, multiplied

  6. Manifold (v) : make a number of copies

  7. Manikin (n): a dwarf, a small man

  8. Manila (n): plant fibre used in making ropes, akin of cigar

  9. Manilla (n): plant fibre used in making ropes, akin of cigar

  10. Manipulate (v) : to work with the hands, manage skilfully and cunningly

  11. Mankind (n) : humanity, human race

  12. Manly (adj.): having a man’s qualities brave

  13. Manner (n): way, mode, kind

  14. Mannerism (n): a peculiarity of writing, speech behaviour

  15. Mannerly (adj.): decent, respectful

  16. Manners (n): behaviour

  17. Manoeuvre (n): military movement, clever management

  18. Manor (n): land belonging to a lord or squire

  19. Man-of-war (n) : a warship

  20. Man-power (n) : amount of men available for military or other service

  21. Mansion (n): a large dwelling house

  22. Manslaughter (n): homicide

  23. Mantel (n): an ornamental structure over a fire place in the living room

  24. Mantle (n): a covering for a gas flame to make it brilliant

  25. Manual (adj.): done by the hand

  26. Manufacture (v): to produce

  27. Manumit (v): to set free from slavery

  28. Manure (n): any fertilizing substance

  29. Manure (v) : apply manure to

  30. Manuscript (n) : a writing

  31. Many (adj.) : large in number

  32. Map (n) : a representation(on paper) of a country

  33. Maple (n) : a tree grown for timber and ornament, sugar made from one kind of maple

  34. Mar (v): spoil, disfigure

  35. Maraud (v): rob

  36. Marauder (n): a plunderer

  37. Marble (n): a kind of limestone taking a high polish

  38. March (n) : procession, the third month

  39. March (v) : move in order

  40. Marches (n) : the borders of a country

  41. Marchioness (n): feminine of MARQUIS, wife or widow of a marquis

  42. Mare (n): the female horse

  43. Margarine (n): butter substitute made from animal or vegetables fats

  44. Margin (n): edge, the space left blank near the border of a page

How to Remember English Words for 1st July?

English Vocabulary Index

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