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How to Spell English Words for 28th June? :

  1. M (letter) : thirteenth letter of the English alphabet

  2. Ma (n): mother

  3. Maam (n): madam

  4. Macabre (adj.): fearful, grim

  5. Macaw (n) : a kind of parrot

  6. Macaroon (n) : cake or biscuit made chiefly of almonds and sugar

  7. Mace (n) : sceptre, bludgeon, a spice

  8. Machination (n) : an artful plan for doing evil, contrivance

  9. Machinery (n): moving part of a machine, organization and working

  10. Mackintosh (n) : a rain coat

  11. Macintosh (n) : a rain coat

  12. Mad (adj.): insane, crazy, reckless

  13. Madam (n): respectful form of addressing a woman

  14. Madden (v): to make mad or angry

  15. Maelstrom (n): great whirl pool

  16. Magenta (n): a colour between pink and red

  17. Maggot (n): a small worm found in rotten fruit or meat

  18. Magic (n) : enchantment, wonderworking, conjuring

  19. Magician (n) : one skilled in magic

  20. Magic-lantern (n) : an optical instrument which throws pictures on a screen

  21. Magisterial (adj.): proud, authoritative

  22. Magistrate (n) : a public administrator of justice esp. in criminal cases

  23. Magnanimity (n): generosity, nobility

  24. Magnanimous (adj.): generous, noble

  25. Magnate (n): a man of rank or influence

  26. Magnet (n): a loadstone, a body that attracts iron, nickel, etc.

English Vocabulary Index

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