How to change Questions into Indirect Speech?

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How to change Questions into Indirect Speech? :

  1. Change the question into a Statement.

  2. Change SAID / SAID TO into ASKED (enquired).

  3. Change Conjunction word THAT into IF or WHETHER.

  4. Change of Personal Pronoun, tense and Special words.

  5. Remove commas, quotation marks and question marks.

  6. Formula for those starting with an auxiliary verb : Subject + asked + object + if / whether + changed Person + changed tense +.

Examples :

  1. The bookseller said to me, “Do you want to buy these books?".

    The bookseller asked me if I wanted to buy those books.

  2. She asked me, “Do you know the way to the market?".

    She asked me if I knew the way to the market.

  3. Mother said to the boy, “Did you lock the front door?".

    Mother asked the boy if he had locked the front door.

  4. The teacher said to Kavitha, “Did you bring your text book?".

    The teacher asked Kavitha whether she had brought her text book.

  5. The manager asked the typist, “Have you typed that letter?".

    The manager asked the typist whether (if) he / she had typed that letter.

  6. Mohana asked her friend, “Is the programme today or tomorrow?"

    Mohana asked her friend whether the programme was on that day or the next.

  7. “Are you sure that the boy is ill?" said the teacher to the captain.

    The teacher asked the captain whether he was sure that the boy was ill.

  8. The teacher said to Karim, “why do you come to school late everyday?".

    The teacher asked Karim why he came to school late everyday.

  9. The watchman said to me, “Whom do you want to see?".

    The watchman asked me whom I wanted to see.

  10. The Policeman said to the man, “Where are you living?".

    The policeman asked the man where he was living.

  11. The passenger said to the conductor, “How many hours does the bus take to reach Trichy?".

    The passenger asked the conductor how many hours the bus took to reach Trichy.

  12. The doctor said to the patient, “For how many days are you suffering from fever?".

    The doctor asked the patient for how many days he was suffering from fever.

  13. Ganesh said to Gopu, “when did the competition take place?".

    Ganesh asked Gopu when the competition took / had taken place.

  14. The headmaster said to Somu, “How many marks have you secured in mathematics?".

    The headmaster asked Somu how many marks he had secured in mathematics.

How to change Questions into Indirect Speech? :

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How to change Questions into Indirect Speech?