How to get Infinitives?

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How to get Infinitives? :

Infinitive is formed by adding the TO to the ROOT VERB.

Points to remember :

General form : To + Root verb

Examples :

  1. To play : He has gone out to play cricket.

  2. To go : We have to go to New Delhi.

  3. To be : They have to be in New York next year.

  4. To see : We went to see our father.

  5. To buy : I did not have to buy the pen.

Some important Infinitives :

  1. To drive

  2. To stop

  3. To select

  4. To clean

  5. To pay

  6. To prepare

  7. To dash

  8. To think

  9. To purchase

  10. To call

  11. To meet

  12. To listen

  13. To plan

  14. To write

  15. To kill

  16. To get

  17. To run

  18. To hunt

Rules to get Infinitives :

  1. Remove the Conjunction words THAT, SO THAT and IF.

  2. Remove the SUBJECT after the Conjunction word.

  3. Remove the words WILL, WOULD, SHALL, SHOULD, CAN, COULD, MAY, MIGHT, MUST and DEFECTIVE VERB which come after subject and add TO in its place.

  4. Remove the main verbs AM, IS, ARE, WAS and WERE and add in its place TO BE.

  5. If there is NOT, add TO after NOT and then add the root verb.

  6. If the main verbs are HAS / HAVE / HAD / OUGHT + TO + VERB, remove them.

  7. In total, to get Infinitive verb, TO + Main verb (Root verb) is the form.

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