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Idioms and Phrases :

Phrases are group of words giving same meaning, having no subject and predicate.

Example :

  • In the garden

  • In the middle of

  • At death’s door

  • In the east

    Important Phrases :

    1. Sachin walked out into the middle on the second day of the first test.

    2. Sachin showed a remarkable passion for cricket at an early age boy 10.

    3. Tendulkar took part in these camps under the tutelage of his coach Ramakant.

    4. Achrekar would place a one rupee coin on top of the stumps.

    5. At the age of 12 and 13, Tendulkar was practising 12 hours a day.

    6. They chained up like a wild animal.

    7. They took away my soul.

    8. Towards the middle of the night, he woke up.

    9. I have for a long time wrongfully with held this silver.

    10. There is a knocks at the door.

    11. In the course of their conversation, they happened to discuss the happenings.

    12. After a couple of days, Inspector Gopalam took Detective Sambu to the office.

    13. You have been invited the visit Scotland Yard by none other than Sir John Smith.

    14. Sambu stroked his nose in a characteristic gesture.

    15. You are in a big trouble again.

    16. When you move out of town, you’ll see your horizons widen.

    17. Of course, you are correct.

    18. You are blue in the face.

    19. I believe much of my opinion of travelling by sea.

    20. Wait for the place that comes to you.

    21. I used to be very shy.

    22. To be at the school at the stroke of the hour – that was my daily habit.

    23. The Educational Inspector has come on a visit of inspection.

    24. The incident did not in the least diminish my respect for my teacher.

    25. I was not regarded as a dunce at school.

    26. Isaac Asimov bids adieu to the present world.

    27. It’s good for plenty more.

    28. I would not throw it away.

    29. She always had to write them out in a punch code.

    30. A teacher has to be adjusted to fit the mind of each boy and girl.

    31. One would always make friends with living human beings.

    32. Some people have friends in the forms of books.

    33. The computers developed from generation to generation.

    34. Comperes feature in a number of Channels.

    35. In spite of being poor, he is generous.

    36. Media has moved beyond the relating of mass communication.

    37. With the advent of floppies, the space problem has been resolved.

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