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Fill in the blanks choosing the correct Idioms and Phrases.

(gone with the wind, carried on, get into trouble, gave way, called for, get rid of, exist on, cool down, distinguish between, stick to)

  1. We should try to get rid of bad habits if we have any.

  2. It is difficult to distinguish between good and evil.

  3. The atmosphere enables us to exist on the surface of the forever.

  4. After taking a decision Gandhiji used to stick to it forever.

  5. Sweet words always cool down one’s short temper.

  6. You will get into trouble if you keep company with him.

  7. Their election promises have gone with the wind.

  8. The rope gave way and the bucket fell.

  9. The son carried on the business in the absence of his father.

  10. His action called for punishment.

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