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Bad blood- feelings of hate between two families

Bend your ears- to talk to someone for a very long time about something boring

Bite your tongue- to stop yourself from saying something because it would be better not to

Black and blue- full of bruises

Blue blood- belonging to high social class

Be above board- to be honest and legal

Be bouncing off the walls- excited and full of nervous energy

Bow and scrap- try too hard to please someone in a position of authority

Brass monkey weather- extremely cold weather

Be tailor made- to be completely suitable for someone.

Break the ice- to make more comfort or relaxed with a person whom you have not met earlier, to break the silence

Be as clear as mud- to be impossible to understand

Be on cloud nine- be very happy

Between the devil and deep blue sea- a type of situation where u must choose between two equally unpleasant situations

Be in the doldrums- not very successful or nothing new is taking place

Beat the drum- to speak eagerly about something you support

Be on the edge- to be nervous or worried about something

Be in seventh heaven- extremely happy

Be at each other’s throat- two persons arguing angrily

Batten down the hatches- to prepare for trouble

Back the wrong horse- to support someone weak

Back to square one- to reach again to the starting point

Back to the salt mines- back to something that you don’t want to do

Ball of fire- active and energetic

Beat one’s head against the wall- to try to do something that is hopeless

Bark up the wrong tree- to make a wrong assumption

Batten down the hatches- prepare for difficult times

Beat one’s brain out- to work hard

Begin to see the light- to begin to understand

Behind closed doors- done in secret

Bet on the wrong horse- to misread the future

Bent on doing- to be determined to do something

Bite off more than one can chew- to do more than one’s ability

Bite the bullet- to face a difficult situation bravely

Bitter pill to swallow- an unpleasant fact that must be accepted

Black sheep of the family- worst member

Blessing in disguise- something that turns out to be good which earlier appeared to be wrong

Blind leading the blind- someone who does not understand something but tries to explain it to other

Blow one’s own horn- to praise one

Blow someone’s mind- excite someone

Bone of contention- subject matter of the fight

Bring home the bacon- to earn money to live

Blue in the face- exhausted and speechless

Break the back of- reduce the power of something

Burn a hole in one’s pocket- to spend money quickly

Burn the midnight oil- to study till late of night

Bushman’s holiday- a holiday where you spend doing same thing as you did at working days

Button’s one lip- to keep quite

Break a leg- to wish good luck

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