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Idioms and Phrases :

From cradle to grave- during the whole span of your life.

Face the music-to accept punishment for something you have done.

Feel the pinch- to have problems with money.

Fall on your own sword- to be cheated by someone you trust.

Feather in one’s cap- something that you achieve and proud of.

Firing on all cylinders- work every possible way to succeed.

French leave- absent without permission, to take French leave is to leave a gathering without saying goodbye or without permission.

Fall on our feet- If you fall on your feet, you succeed in doing something where there was a risk of failure.

Fall on your sword- If someone falls on their sword, they resign or accept the consequences of what they have done wrong.

Fingers and thumbs- If you are all fingers and thumbs, you are being clumsy and not very skilled with your hands.

Finger in the pie- If you have a finger in the pie, you have an interest in something.

Flash in the pan- If something is a flash in the pan; it is very noticeable but doesn't last long, like most singers, who are very successful for a while, then forgotten.

Follow your nose- When giving directions, telling someone to follow their nose means that they should go straight ahead.

Fool's paradise- A fool's paradise is a false sense of happiness or success

Foot in mouth- This is used to describe someone who has just said something Embarrassing, inappropriate, wrong or stupid

For a song- If you buy or sell something for a song, it is very cheap

For donkey's years- If people have done something, usually without much if any change, for an awfully long time, they can be said to have done it for donkey's years

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