Idioms and Phrases

Idioms and Phrases :

Round the twist- go crazy

Read between the lines- read hidden meanings

Rack and ruin- If something or someone goes to rack and ruin, they are utterly destroyed or wrecked

Rain on your parade- If someone rains on your parade, they ruin your pleasure or your plans

Rake someone over the coals- If you rake someone over the coals, you criticize or scold them Severely

Recipe for disaster- A recipe for disaster is a mixture of people and events that could only possibly result in trouble

Red carpet- If you give someone the red-carpet treatment, you give them a special Welcome to show that you think they are important

Red herring- If something is a distraction from the real issues, it is a red herring

Red letter day- A red letter day is a one of good luck, when something special happens to you

Reduce to ashes- If something is reduced to ashes, it is destroyed or made useless. His infidelities reduced their relationship to ashes

Round the houses- If you go round the houses, you do something in an inefficient way when there is a quicker, more convenient way

Rub shoulders- If you rub shoulders with people, you meet and spend time with them, Especially when they are powerful or famous

Run into the sand- If something runs into the sand, it fails to achieve a result

Idioms and Phrases :

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