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Idioms and Phrases :

Upset the apple cart- to create difficulty

Under a cloud- If someone is suspected of having done something wrong, they are under a cloud

Under fire- If someone is being attacked and criticized heavily, they are under fire Under your nose- If something happens right in front of you, especially if it is surprising or audacious, it happens under your nose

Up for grabs- If something is up for grabs, it is available and whoever is first or is successful will get it

Up to the neck- If someone's in something up to the neck, they are very involved in it, especially when it's something wrong

Up a river without a paddle- If you up a river without a paddle, you are in an unfortunate situation, unprepared and with none of the resources to remedy the matter

Uncharted waters- If you're in uncharted waters, you are in a situation that is unfamiliar to you, that you have no experience of and don't know what might happen

Under lock and key- If something is under lock and key, it is stored very securely

Idioms and Phrases :

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