If There Is A Will There Is A Way.

If There Is A Will There Is A Way. :

All of us wish to achieve many things in life. But usually many of us do not succeed in achieving anything. And often we tend to curse our fate or misfortune. But the fact is that we have only ourselves to blame for our failures. It is not enough that we wish to achieve something. We should have the proper willpower to carry out our plans. Without determination we will not be putting in enough strength to make our plans a success. Apart from that even when the scope of our plan looks rather dull, we will look out for fresh opening for its success. On the other hand, a good plan with enough scope will not succeed if there is lack of will. So what matters is that we have the proper drive or determination to carry on with our plans in the face of obstacles. A person who lacks determination will get down-hearted and deter from his plans if he faces some difficulty. But a man with enough will-power or determination goes on and on till he succeeds. It provides fresh openings. Will-power is the key to the greatest of achievements. The more we are determined to win… The more we are on the road to success.

If There Is A Will There Is A Way.