Imperative Sentence

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Imperative Sentence :

The sentence which expresses order, command, request, advice or suggestion is called Imperative Sentence.

Examples :

  1. Stop talking. (Order)

  2. March forward. (Command)

  3. Kindly help me. (Request)

  4. Work hard. (Advice)

  5. Let us have a walk. (Suggestion)

  6. Bring me a suitcase from UAE.

  7. Fetch a glass of water.

  8. Please pass the salt.

  9. Get out of my way!

  10. Please find my yellow leotard.

  11. Shut the door!

  12. Be there at 5:00.

  13. Run fast.

  14. Save our souls.

  15. Call me after 10 am.

    Wake me up at sharp 9pm.

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