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Improve Vocabulary for 23rd October :

  1. Spinney (n) : a small bushy wood

  2. Spinster (n) : an unmarried lady, a woman, who spins

  3. Spiral (adj.) : winding like a screw

  4. Spire (n) : a steeple

  5. Spirit (n) : soul or mind, fairy, a state of mind, mood, alcohol

  6. Spirited (adj.) : lively, bold

  7. Spiritual (adj.) : of the spirit or soul, of the mind, holy, pure

  8. Spirituous (adj.) : containing alcohol

  9. Spite (n) : ill-feeling hated

  10. Spite (v) : tease, annoy, show ill-feeling towards

  11. Spittle (n) : spit, saliva

  12. Spittoon (n) : a container, to spit into

  13. Splash (n) : water thrown on something

  14. Spleen (n) : a bodily organ in the abdomen which causes changes in the blood, bad temper, anger

  15. Splendid (adj.) :brilliant, glorious, excellent

  16. Splendid (adv.) : splendidly

  17. Splendour (n) : magnificence, brilliance

  18. Splint (n) : a small thin piece of wood split off

  19. Splinter (n) : a small thin piece of wood split off

  20. Split (v) : cleave, rend, divide, burst

  21. Split (n) : a crack

  22. Spoil (v) : to make unfit, to destroy the beauty of, to plunder

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