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Improve Your Vocabulary for 24th October :

  1. Spoke (n) : a bar connecting the hub of the wheel with the rim

  2. Spokesman (n) : one chosen to speak for a group

  3. Spoliation (n) : pillage, plunder

  4. Sponge (n) : a porous marine substance to absorb water

  5. Sponsor (n) : one who initiates or brings forward a proposal, surety, godfather

  6. Spontaneous (adj.) : instinctive, involuntary

  7. Spook (n) : a ghost

  8. Spool (n) : a bobbin, a spindle

  9. Spoon (n) : a domestic utensil with a cup-like part at the end of a handle

  10. Spoon-feed (v) : feed with a spoon, help with grants

  11. Spoor (adj.) : train or scent of an animal

  12. Sporadic (adj.) : happening here and there, taking place bow and then in single, cases

  13. Sport (n) : a play, mirth jest

  14. Sport (v) : play make mirth, expose

  15. Sportive (adj.) : relating to games, humorous

  16. Sportsman (n) : one skilled in field sports, hunting etc.

  17. Spot (n) : a mark, stain, blemish, a particular place, spot, cash

  18. Spotless (adj.) : having no stains

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