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In The Doghouse : Phrases


In disgrace or dislike; facing punishment.


Billy was sent to the doghouse for not spending enough time at his school - Bad Boy!


The old custom of banishing a bad dog outside to its doghouse.

Alternative: The story of Peter Pan - in which Mr. Darling treats the beloved pet dog badly and his children fly off with Peter Pan. Mr. Darling feels so guilty that he lives in the doghouse until his children return home.

Alternative: This expression is a railroad term dating back to the era of steam locomotives. The railroad unions mandated that a head-end (front of the train) brakeman be so positioned. However, there was no room for another person in the engine cab (which housed the engineer and fireman). The railroads then built a small windowed shelter on top of the engine tender (where the coal and water was stored) behind the engine. It was called a doghouse since it was small, cramped, smoky, cold and generally miserable. Thus, the expression
he's in the doghouse referred to the brakeman in his uncomfortable moving shack. Thanks to Jim Younger.

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