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Increase Vocabulary for 25th October :

  1. Spotted (adj.) : marked with spots

  2. Spouse (n) : a husband or wife

  3. Spout (n) : the mouth of a vessel, lip, nozzle, beak

  4. Sprain (n) : violent twisting or over stretching of muscles

  5. Sprain (v) : to cause a sprain in

  6. Spray (n) : liquid sent through the air in tiny drops

  7. Spread (v) : scatter, distribute, prolong

  8. Spread (n) : the act of spreading, an open extent

  9. Spree (n) : a merry party

  10. Sprig (n) : a small twig with leaves

  11. Sprightly (adj.) : full of spirits, lively

  12. Spring (n) : the act of jumping, an outflow of water, a season which comes once in a year after winter

  13. Springy (adj.) : elastic, rebounding

  14. Sprinkle (v) : scatter, strew, bedew

  15. Sprout (n) : a shoot of a plant, a bud

  16. Sprout (v) : put forth shoots

  17. Spume (n) : foam, froth

  18. Spur (n) : a spike, a sharp rod attached to the heel of a rider’s boot to urge the horse

  19. Spurious (adj.) : false

  20. Spurn (v) : reject, disdain, kick

  21. Spurt (v) : flow out suddenly with force

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