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Increase Your Vocabulary for 26th October :

  1. Sputter (v) : to spill over in small drops, make a series of spitting sounds

  2. Spy (n) : person who watches secretly

  3. Spy (v) : act as a say, watch secretly, observe

  4. Squabble (n) : a brawl, a quarrel over a small matter

  5. Squad (n) : a small group of soldiers

  6. Squadron (n) : sub-unit of a cavalry, number of warships or aircrafts

  7. Squalid (adj.) : dirty

  8. Squall (adj.) : a sudden violent burst of wind, screaming outcry

  9. Squally (adj.) : stormy, gusty

  10. Squalor (n) : filthiness

  11. Squander (v) : waste

  12. Squash (v) : crush, squeeze

  13. Squash (n) : a drink made of fruit juice, a sudden fall

  14. Squat (v) : sit on the heels, sit on the ground, with legs folded

  15. Squawk (v) : to give a harsh cry

  16. Squeal (v) : cry cut making a shrill noise

  17. Squeamish (adj.) : oversensitive, unduly-scrupulous

  18. Squeeze (v) : press closely, crush, extort

  19. Squib (n) : a small fire work or rocket, a sarcastic talk

  20. Squid (n) : a sea- creature

  21. Squill (n) : a kind of plant

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