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Inspirational Words for 13th October :

  1. Smack (n) : taste, flavour, a sharp sound made by a whip or by the pain

  2. Small (adj.) : little, mean and petty

  3. Small-pox (n) : an eruptive disease

  4. Smart (adj.) : quick and clever

  5. Smart (v) : sting sharply, cause pain

  6. Smash (v) : break into pieces violently, defeat utterly

  7. Smatter (v) : talk superficially

  8. Smear (v) : daub, spread or cover

  9. Smell (v) : feel odours through the nose

  10. Smell (n) : fragrance, odour

  11. Smile (n) : an expression of the face indicating pleasure, kindness, favour, act of smiling

  12. Smile (v) : look joyous, favour

  13. Smirch (v) : make dirty, daub

  14. Smite (v) : to attack, to strike

  15. Smith (n) : a worker in metals

  16. Smoke (n) : the gas or vapour that rises from anything burning

  17. Smolt (n) : a young salmon

  18. Smooth (adj.) : having a surface like that of glass, free from roughness

  19. Smother (n) : choke, suffocate, suppress, hide

  20. Smoulder (v) : to burn without flame

  21. Smudge (n) : a spot, a stain

  22. Smudge (v) : to smear with smoke or dust

English Vocabulary Index

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