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Inspiring Words for 20th December :

  1. Wastage (n) : loss by use, damage, etc.

  2. Wasteful (adj.) : lavish, useless

  3. Waster (n) : one who wastes

  4. Watch (n) : a small timepiece, careful guarding, a man or body of men to guard

  5. Watch (v) : to guard, to observe carefully

  6. Watchdog (n) : a dog kept to guard premises and property

  7. Watchman (n) : a man who watches or guards

  8. Watchword (n) : a password, a slogan of a group of party

  9. Water-clock (n) : a device for measuring time by the flow of water

  10. Water-course (n) : a stream of water, a channel

  11. Water cure (n) : treatment of disease by means of mineral waters

  12. Water fall (n) : a steep fall of water from a height

  13. Watering-place (n) : a resort with mineral springs for drinks or bathing, a place at a stream, lake etc.

  14. Water-level (n) : a levelling instrument in which water is used

  15. Water-logged (adj.) : soaked or filled with water

  16. Water-melon (n) : a large edible fruit

  17. Water-mill (n) : a mill driven by water

  18. Water-proof (adj.) : not allowing water to pass through

  19. Water-proof (n) : water proof material

  20. Water-shed (n) : the line or ridge which separated the area

  21. drained by two different river systems Water-snake (n) : a snake that lives in water

  22. Water-tight (adj.) : so tight as not to admit water in

  23. Water-works (n) : work allied with the collection, purification, and distribution of water

  24. Watery (adj.) : like water

  25. Wattle (n) : a twig, an Australian tree, a hurdle

  26. Wave (n) : a moving swell or ridge, on the surface of water or any liquid

  27. Waver (v) : falter, hesitate, be unsteady

  28. Wax (n) : a produce of the bees yellow in colour, sealing wax

  29. Wax (v) : grow (esp. of moon)

  30. Wax cloth (n) : a floor-cloth

  31. Way (n) : a road, path, passage, etc, manner

  32. Wayfarer (n) : a traveller

  33. Waylay (v) : to hide, to attack from ambush

  34. Wayward (adj.) : odd, obstinate, not regular, perverse

  35. We (pron.) : plural of I

  36. Weaken (v) : make weak, enfeeble

  37. Weakling (n) : one who is weak (person or animal)

  38. Weakness (n) : feebleness, want of strength, a defect, a fault

Inspiring Words for 20th December :

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