Intransitive Verbs

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There are two kinds of verbs.

1. Transitive Verbs

2. Intransitive Verbs

Intransitive Verbs are the verbs which do not take an object.

Examples :
1. The baby weeps. (Static action)

2. The ship sank suddenly. (Self-contained action)

3. He runs fast.

4. Rajan is playing tennis.

5. He painted the door.

6. I planned a tour.

7. I scored good marks.

8. The teacher praised Kannan.

9. Kannan cleaned the classroom.

10. The teacher taught grammar.

11. The cat killed a rat.

12. India won the war.

13. Ravi prepares tea.

14. All are drawing.

15. She is stitching.

16. She cooks well.

17. Meenu went to the library.

18. My father gave me a camera.

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