English Irregular Verbs

There are many Irregular Verbs in English which do not conform to the pattern. The principal parts of the English verb are the base form, the simple past, and the past participle. For regular verbs, the simple past and the past participle are spelled the same and are created by adding
ed to the base form. However, there are many irregular verbs in English which do not conform to this pattern.

The additional forms of the verb in English are the
s form (3rd person singular present), and the present participle, which is created by adding ing to the base form. There are no irregular forms of the present participle, so the spelling of any verb will adhere to the rules of spelling for regular inflection.

A comprehensive list of
619 English irregular verbs, including their base form, past simple, past participle and definitions is here below.

Base Form Past Simple Past Participle Definition
Cast Cast Cast To throw or project something
Catch Caught Caught To receive
To stop and hold a moving object, usually with your hands
To make something unable to escape
Cheerlead Cheerled Cheerled To cheer and support a team in an organised group
Chide Chid Chid/Chidden To tell somebody off when they have done something wrong
Choose Chose Chosen To select
Clap Clapped/Clapt Clapped/Clapt To hit your hands together to make a sound to show approval
To make a loud noise, like thunder
Clear-cut Clear-cut Clear-cut To cut down all trees in an area
Cleave Cleft/Cleaved/Clove Cleft/Cleaved/Cloven To separate or divide something, often with force
To stick or hold together
Cleek Claught/Claucht/Cleeked Cleeked To grasp or take hold of
Clepe Cleped Cleped/Ycleped/Yclept To call or name
Cling Clung Clung To hold on to or to stick to
Clothe Clad/Clothed Clad/Clothed To dress someone or provide them with clothes
Colorbreed Colorbred Colorbred To breed an animal to be of a particular color
Colorcast Colorcast Colorcast To broadcast in color
Come Came Come To move towards or to arrive at a specified place, time or situation
Cost Cost Cost The amount of money required to buy something; it costs five dollars.
Cost-cut Cost-cut Cost-cut To redcuce costs or expenditure
Counterdraw Counterdrew Counterdrawn To copy by tracing
Counterlight Counterlit Counterlit To light something directly from opposite sides
Cowrite Cowrote Cowritten To write with someone
Crash-dive Crash-dived/Crash-dove Crash-dived To go down very quickly
Creep Crept Crept To move along the ground lying down
Creep-feed Creep-fed Creep-fed To feed young animals in a special area that adult animals can't get in
Crib-bite Crib-bit Crib-bitten To bite its manger and swallow air (of a horse)
Cross-bite Cross-bit Cross-bitten To thwart or stop something happening by deception
Cross-string Cross-strung Cross-strung To place bass strings on a piano across the treble strings
Crossbreed Crossbred Crossbred To breed animals or plants of different species, like a mule, which is a crossbreed of a donkey and a horse
Crosscut Crosscut Crosscut To move between scenes or stories in a film or narrative
Crosslight Crosslit Crosslit To illuminate from different sides, but not directly opposite
Crow Crowed/Crew Crowed To boast
To utter a sound indicating pleasure
Cut Cut Cut To break the surface of something with a knife or similar tool

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