English Irregular Verbs

There are many Irregular Verbs in English which do not conform to the pattern. The principal parts of the English verb are the base form, the simple past, and the past participle. For regular verbs, the simple past and the past participle are spelled the same and are created by adding
ed to the base form. However, there are many irregular verbs in English which do not conform to this pattern.

The additional forms of the verb in English are the
s form (3rd person singular present), and the present participle, which is created by adding ing to the base form. There are no irregular forms of the present participle, so the spelling of any verb will adhere to the rules of spelling for regular inflection.

A comprehensive list of
619 English irregular verbs, including their base form, past simple, past participle and definitions is here below.

Base Form Past Simple Past Participle Definition
Dare Dared/Durst Dared To have sufficient courage
Daydream Daydreamt/Daydreamt Daydreamt/Daydreamt To have dream-like thoughts when a wake
To have a fantasy
Deal Dealt Dealt To distribute, especially playing cards in games
Deep-freeze Deep-froze Deep-frozen To freeze or store frozen
To suspend progress or activity
Dig Dug Dug To make a hole in the ground
Dight Dight/Dighted Dight/Dighted To dictate orders
Dispread Dispread Dispread To spread out
Disprove Disproved Disproven/Disproved To prove that something is fale or wrong
Dive Dived/Dove Dived To jump head first into water
To fall quickly
Do Did Done To perform or carry out
Dogfight Dogfought Dogfought To fight in aeroplanes
To arrange a fight between dogs for sport
Dow Dought/Dowed Dought/Dowed To have the ability to do something
To do well
Draw Drew Drawn To make a picture using a pen or pencil
Dream Dreamt/Dreamed Dreamt/Dreamed To see visual images while sleeping
Drink Drank Drunk To consume liquids
Drip-feed Drip-fed Drip-fed To feed someone with fluids going into the vein
To release information very slowly, bit by bit
Drive Drove Driven To operate and control a car or other vehicle
Dwell Dwelt Dwelt To reside or live somewhere

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