English Irregular Verbs

There are many Irregular Verbs in English which do not conform to the pattern. The principal parts of the English verb are the base form, the simple past, and the past participle. For regular verbs, the simple past and the past participle are spelled the same and are created by adding
ed to the base form. However, there are many irregular verbs in English which do not conform to this pattern.

The additional forms of the verb in English are the
s form (3rd person singular present), and the present participle, which is created by adding ing to the base form. There are no irregular forms of the present participle, so the spelling of any verb will adhere to the rules of spelling for regular inflection.

A comprehensive list of
619 English irregular verbs, including their base form, past simple, past participle and definitions is here below.

Base Form Past Simple Past Participle Definition
Make Made Made To create or construct something
To cause somebody to do something
To perform an action
Mean Meant Meant To signify
To intend
Meet Met Met To make somebody's acquaintance
To be in the same place as somebody
Melt Melted Molten/Melted To change from solid into a liquid as the temperature goes up
Misbecome Misbecame Misbecome Not to suit
Miscast Miscast Miscast To choose the wrong actor for a role
Mischoose Mischose Mischosen To choose wrongly
Miscut Miscut Miscut To cut something wrongly or badly
Misdeal Misdealt Misdealt To distribute playing cards wrongly in a game
Misdo Misdid Misdone To harm or injure
Misfall Misfell Misfallen To happen unluckily
Misfeed Misfed Misfed To feed incorrectly
To jam printers, photocpiers, etc, by feeding the paper incorrectly
Misgive Misgave Misgiven To become suspicious or worried
Mishear Misheard Misheard To hear something incorrectly
Mishit Mishit Mishit To hit a ball badly or inaccurately
Misknow Misknew Misknown To have the wrong idea about something
Mislay Mislaid Mislaid To lose or put something where you cannot find it
Mislead Misled Misled To make someone behave wrongly
To deceive
Mislearn Mislearnt/Mislearned Mislearnt/Mislearned To learn wrongly
Misread Misread Misread To read something incorrectly
Missay Missaid Missaid To say something incorrectly
To talk badly about someone
Missend Missent Missent To send to the wrong place or person
Misset Misset Misset To set or place wrongly or incorrectly
Misspeak Misspoke Misspoken To say or pronounce something wrongly

To say something that is incorrect or inaccurate
Misspell Misspelt/Misspelled Misspelt/Misspelled To write a word without using the correct letters
Misspend Misspent Misspent To waste time or money
Misswear Misswore Missworn To swear or make an oath falsely
Mistake Mistook Mistaken Not to understand
To confuse somebody with someone else
Misteach Mistaught Mistaught To teach wrongly or incorrectly
Mistell Mistold Mistold To tell something wrongly
Misthink Misthought Misthought To have mistaken thoughts or ideas
Misunderstand Misunderstood Misunderstood Not to understand
Miswear Misswore Misworn To wear badly
Miswed Miswed/Miswedded Miswed/Miswedded To marry wrongly
Miswrite Miswrote Miswritten To write something incorrectly
Moonlight Moonlit Moonlit To have a second job or to work illegally without paying tax
Mow Mowed Mown To cut grass or cereals

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