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There are many Irregular Verbs in English which do not conform to the pattern. The principal parts of the English verb are the base form, the simple past, and the past participle. For regular verbs, the simple past and the past participle are spelled the same and are created by adding
ed to the base form. However, there are many irregular verbs in English which do not conform to this pattern.

The additional forms of the verb in English are the
s form (3rd person singular present), and the present participle, which is created by adding ing to the base form. There are no irregular forms of the present participle, so the spelling of any verb will adhere to the rules of spelling for regular inflection.

A comprehensive list of
619 English irregular verbs, including their base form, past simple, past participle and definitions is here below.

Base Form Past Simple Past Participle Definition
Offset Offset Offset To compenaste or counterbalance
Outbid Outbid Outbid To offer more money than someone in an auction or sale
Outbreed Outbred Outbred To breed faster than others
Outdo Outdid Outdone To do better than someone
Outdraw Outdrew Outdrawn To pull out
To pull a gun faster than an opponent
Outdrink Outdrank Outdrunk To drink more than someone else, usually alcohol
Outdrive Outdrove Outdriven To drive faster or better
Outfight Outfought Outfought To fight better than someone
Outfly Outflew Outflown To fly faster or further
Outgrow Outgrew Outgrown To grow faster than something or someone
To become too big or mature for something
Outlay Outlaid Outlaid To spend money for a particular purpose
Outleap Outleapt/Outleaped Outleapt/Outleaped To jump or leap further or higher
Output Output/Outputted Output/Outputted To put out or produce
Outride Outrode Outridden To ride faster than someone
Outrun Outran Outrun To run or go faster than someone
Outsee Outsaw Outseen To see further
To have greater foresight
Outsell Outsold Outsold To sell more than something or someone
Outshine Outshone Outshone To be better than someone
Outshoot Outshot Outshot To shoot faster or better
Outsing Outsang Outsung To sing better or louder than someone
Outsit Outsat Outsat To sit for longer than someone
Outsleep Outslept Outslept To sleep for longer than someone
Outsmell Outsmelt/Outsmelled Outsmelt/Outsmelled To have a better sense of smell
Outspeak Outspoke Outspoken To speak better or more than someone
Outspeed Outsped Outsped To go faster than someone or something
Outspend Outspent Outspent To spend more than someone
Outspin Outspun Outspun To finish or die
Outspring Outsprang Outsprung To spring or jump out
Outstand Outstood Outstood To be clearly different or better
Outswear Outswore Outsworn To exceed someone in swearing- oaths or bad language
Outswim Outswam Outswum To swim faster or further than someone
Outtell Outtold Outtold To be better or exceed in telling or calculating
Outthink Outthought Outthought To think better ideas than someone
Outthrow Outthrew Outthrown To throw further or more accurately
Outwear Outwore Outworn To last longer (of materials, clothes, etc)
Outwind Outwound Outwound To unloose
Outwork Outworked/Outwrought Outworked/Outwrought To work harder or better
Outwrite Outwrote Outwritten To be better at writing
Overbear Overbore Overborne To use force or authority to control
Overbid Overbid Overbid To bid more something is worth
To bid more than you can win in a card game
Overblow Overblew Overblown To become subdued
To blow away
To force too much
Overbreed Overbred Overbred To breed too much so that features become excessive
Overbuild Overbuilt Overbuilt To build too much, overdevelop
Overbuy Overbought Overbought To buy too much

To pay too much
Overcast Overcast Overcast To become cloudy
To sew with overcast stitiches (long slanting stitches)
Overcome Overcame Overcome To master a problem or difficult situation
To become helpless because of excessive emotions or physical difficulties
Overcut Overcut Overcut To cut down more trees than permitted
Overdo Overdid Overdone To do something to excess
To cook something too much
Overdraw Overdrew Overdrawn To take money out of an account so that a negative balance results
Overdrink Overdrank Overdrunk To drink too much
Overdrive Overdrove Overdriven To drive or work something too hard
Overeat Overate Overeaten To eat too much
Overfeed Overfed Overfed To give too much food
Overfly Overflew Overflown To fly over a place
Overgrow Overgrew Overgrown To grow too big or beyond a limit or boundary
Overhang Overhung Overhung To be above something
Overhear Overheard Overheard To hear something accidently that was not said to you
Overlay Overlaid Overlaid To cover something with a layer
Overleap Overleapt/Overleaped Overleapt/Overleaped To jump over
Overlearn Overlearnt/Overlearned Overlearnt/Overlearned To continue learning afer having reached a basic proficiency
Overlie Overlay Overlain To lie on top of

To kill by lying on top of
Overpass Overpast/Overpassed Overpast/Overpassed To cross, pass over
Overpay Overpaid Overpaid To pay too much
Override Overrode Overridden To ride through an enemy's country
Overrun Overran Overrun To flood
To invade and take control
Oversee Oversaw Overseen To observe people's work to make sure that it is done properly
Oversell Oversold Oversold To sell too much
To publicise too much
Overset Overset Overset To overpower
Oversew Oversewed Oversewn/Oversewed To sew two edges together with stitches overlapping both
Overshoot Overshot Overshot To go past a limit
Oversleep Overslept Overslept To sleep too late
Oversow Oversowed Oversown/Oversowed To sow on land that has already be sown
Overspeak Overspoke Overspoken To speak too long or use too many words
Overspend Overspent Overspent To spend more than allowed or budgeted
Overspill Overspilt/Overspilled Overspilt/Overspilled To spill over
To have a population that exceeds the space available
Overspin Overspun Overspun To make something last too long
Overspread Overspread Overspread To cover something
Overspring Oversprang Oversprung To jump over
Overstand Overstood Overstood Lose a sale of deal by sticking to a price or conditions unacceptable to the other party
Overstrew Overstrewed Overstrewed/Overstrewn To sprinkle or strew something onto another thing
Overstride Overstrode Overstridden To walk across or over
To walk faster than someone
To dominate
Overstrike Overstruck Overstruck To stamp a new value or inscription on a old coin
Overstring Overstrung Overstrung To tie a string too tightly
To string piano bass strings across treble strings
Overtake Overtook Overtaken To pass a vehicle that is going more slowly
Overthink Overthought Overthought To think or plan too much
Overthrow Overthrew Overthrown To remove someone forcibly from government or power
Overwear Overwore Overworn To wear something too much or often, or wear it out
Overwind Overwound Overwound To wind a clock or something too much so it strains the spring
Overwithhold Overwithheld Overwithheld To deduct too much tax from a payment or salary
Overwrite Overwrote Overwritten To record data on top of existing data, erasing the original

A comprehensive list of
619 English irregular verbs, including their base form, past simple, past participle and definitions is here below.

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